Cosori Professional High Speed Blender Review

Cosori Professional High Speed Blender Review

Cosori Professional High Speed Blender is one of the most popular high speed blenders available in the market that comes with 9–pieces. The blender looks smart and it is built with a compact space-saving layout that you can accommodate in your kitchen no matter if it is spacious one or not.

If you and your family members are fond of having shakes, smoothies, and mixed juices in your daily food list, then you immediately need a blender in your kitchen that can offer you instant assistance in making these tasty recipes.

While there are wide varieties of high speed blenders available in the market, all blenders are not that efficient; you have to act choosy for finding their true worth. However, if you count on Cosori Professional High Speed Blender’s features, according to existing users, it’s worth your attention. But how can you be sure of its efficiency? Let’s check the features of Cosori Professional High Speed Blender first.


  • Cosori professional high speed blender is built with 800-watt heavy duty motor
  • The blender works in three various modes. These are: on/off, pause, auto
  • The blender runs on automatic blending technology, which is user-friendly and hands-free
  • The work flow works in a pre fixed algorithm: the blender keeps on blending all the ingredients automatically, reacts on pause, commences again and then offers signal by beeping when a blending cycle is complete
  • The blender has functionality of pulse mode: you need to long press and hold the PULSE button to start the blender on the pulse mode
  • The blending is set on world class SUS blending process: the blade design is done in a way that it is capable of extracting optimum quality of nutrients, antioxidant and vitamins
  • The super efficient blades are capable enough to chop and mesh chopped ice, green veggies, protein powder, and many more items for cooking best quality heath and nutritious green smoothies
  • The blender runs silently – the courtesy of the technology of shock-damping-absorb patent layout
  • The suction cup is placed at the bottom of the blender and that holds the machine tightly on the kitchen counter
  • The blender machine is UL, FCC, ETL, FDA, and ROHS approved and protected by two years warranty feature
  • The blender is dishwasher-friendly and different blender friendly recipes are available with its packaging
  • Cups available with this blender machine are all BPA free cups.


  • Heavy duty
  • Smart look
  • Silent operation
  • Wide range of shakes, smoothies, and other recipe making facility


  • No additional jar of same size
  • Difficult to get spare containers in case one is broken

Features Summary

Cosori Professional High Speed Blender is a heavy duty kitchen blender, which you can use for various cooking and preparation purpose. It is powered by 800 watt sturdy motor that runs absolutely silently. The blender runs in three separate modes and these are off-on, pause, and auto blending.

It can be used for professional purpose as well, besides using it home for making different shakes, smoothies, and different fruit juices, mock tail, etc. It is made of good quality stainless steel and that adds to its durability factor. It runs on hands free operation, which is an added facility for its users.

The blender can be divided into 9 parts, and leaving its blades, the entire components can be washed in dishwasher, which is an added benefit for maintaining it. The packed unit contains manual and a recipe book, where you will get access to 50 tasty exclusive recipes with excellent scope of using the blender for making scrumptious preparation.

Product comparison

Cosori Professional High Speed Blender has many features that are user-friendly and make the product one of the best professional blenders available in the market in its price range. Let’s compare the product with two similar blenders in the market and check if its features are more advantageous for the users.

We have compared this blender with two products: one is Nutri Ninja Pro Blender of Silver color and of code (BL456) and the other is Ninja professional blender with Nutri Ninja cups of code bl660 to assess its features’ superiority. Cosori Blender is made of stainless steel but two other blenders mentioned here are made of plastic. The stainless steel blender is more durable and safer for use.

Cosori Blender runs on 800 watt motor while these two blenders run on 1000, and 900 watt motors, which are slightly on higher side, which make these two blenders fit for gross duty and they call for higher consumption of energy.

Cosori Blender comes with three jars cum containers, while these two blenders are sold with 2 container jars, each. Due to stainless steel Cosori Blender can use hot water, whereas the two blenders are made of plastic so hot water cannot be used. These two are not dishwasher friendly as well.

Price wise, Cosori Blender is available in down to earth price, making it affordable to purchase for most of the users. With all these positive features, we can safely conclude that buying Cosori Professional High Speed Blender is a great choice and a safer buy for regular use of different types of blending.


If your sole intention is to buy a versatile blender in your kitchen with professional proficient of functional features, Cosori Professional High Speed Blender is a smart buy. This blender has so many functionalities that one needs to use it almost everyday to get hold of its features. This heavy duty blender comes with two years warranty, which is again a great advantage of buying this kitchen appliance.

Cosori Professional High Speed Blender looks smart and decorative for a smart kitchen. The blender comes with a recipe book, where lots of recipes are suggested that you can cook with the help of this beautiful blender. So if you are planning to buy a handy and smart blender in your kitchen, Cosori Professional High Speed Blender is a great choice.

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