Health Question: Do Superfood Powders Work?

Health Question Do Superfood Powders Work

The global market has been in a craze about ‘superfood’ products that claim to contain healthy ingredients that promote better health and nutrition. These green powders which contain various ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals have become more popular in recent years.

As compared to before when only rich individuals and celebrities use these superfoods, these products are now more accessible to everyone since you can easily by them in your grocery.

Because of the claim of these superfood powder manufacturers, there is a continuous increase in the number of individuals who use these products. Who wouldn’t want to get all the vitamins and nutrients that can make your body healthy in just a single serving?

But are they really effective in improving the overall diet and nutrition of individuals? In this article, we will discuss whether superfood powders really work and if they are great to incorporate into your daily meals.

What Do These Superfood Powders Claim?

Most superfood powders claim that a two teaspoonful serving of these will provide your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs every day. Since most foods that are purchased everywhere have been processed in one way or the other, some of their vitamins and nutrients have been removed or washed off.

Superfood powder manufacturers state that a daily intake of this can assure that our bodies are well-nourished even if we do not receive all the vitamins and minerals that we can get from the food that we eat, no matter how healthy they are. They promise to improve the overall health of the body, increase vitality, and promote longevity.

What’s the Real Deal with Superfood Powders?

While having it easy and just consuming two teaspoons of these powders make people think that they are on the road to having a healthier body, there are things that you should know about these superfood powders. Here are some facts:

1.  Superfood Powders Cannot Replace All Types of Food

Even though they claim to contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals in the body, these superfood powders are not enough. You cannot expect to consume just these powders and have a healthier body after a few weeks.

There are certain food and nutrients that are needed by the body to make it healthy and become functional.

There are those who believe that blending superfood powders with their drink is enough to replace their meals but this in wrong. Your body loses the strength and the ability to process these vitamins and minerals if they are not nutritioned.

Superfood powders are supplements that help in enhancing the nutrition of the body and should not be treated as replacements to real food. They fill in the gaps in the nutrition department where real food is lacking, and can never replace them.

2.  You Can Eat Anything

While we are stating in the first item that you should still eat food while using superfood powders, this does not mean that you can eat ANY type of food.

There are diet-goers who think that they can eat high-calorie foods or any type of food that does not provide good nutrition for their bodies as long as they consume superfood powders daily. Furthermore, they think that these bad fats will be washed down anyway by these powders.

This is a big mistake. Once again, superfood powders are supplements that fill in the nutrients that a person cannot consume in the food he takes in every day.

They are not magical powders that can easily remove the bad food or junk food that you eat, nor are they able to transform unhealthy food into healthy ones.

When you consume unhealthy food, your body will still go through the usual process of digesting them and processing them. So if you eat a snack rich in unhealthy fats, you are still putting it on your waist.

3.  You Can Skip the Exercise

Another wrong belief is that you can skip exercising when you start using superfood powders. If your aim is to lose weight and be healthy, you cannot rely on powders to do all the work. You will still need a healthy diet and exercise.

While it is true that your body can lose toxins and fats faster, these cannot be shed off without exercising. Exercises are still the best answer in toning the body, removing unwanted fats, and make it healthy.

For example, jogging can help you lose unwanted fats and make you energized. It can also improve your overall cardiovascular system and improve better blood circulation.

When you consume superfood powders, your body only improves in losing fats faster but it will not automatically improve your heart and blood without exercising.

So How Should You Use Superfood Powders?

While superfood powders are effective in providing the body with the needed nutrients and vitamins that your body needs, you should still incorporate a healthy diet and exercise. It can only improve your body’s overall health but it is not something that will provide you with a great-looking body all on its own.

Superfood powders can help in improving your body’s capacity to fight off diseases because they enhance the vitamins and minerals that are already present in your body from the healthy food that you ate. Having a regular dose of these powders along with healthy and balanced meals will make them effective in improving your body’s functions.

You can use you superfood powder on their own by mixing it in a glass of water or blend them in with your meals. Again, take note that your meals should be healthy. You should not mix two teaspoons of superfood powder in a big serving of burger since it defeats the purpose.

Also, it would be better if you check in with your doctor or nutritionist about your overall health and what types of food you should be focusing on consuming. This will better promote a faster and better improvement in your body.

As you can see, superfood powders are effective when they are used with proper diet and exercise. They are not miracle supplements that will magically give you the body that you want without doing anything.

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