MarcoLife Naturals: Raw Green Food – Organic Barley Grass Review

MarcoLife Naturals: Raw Green Food – Organic Barely Grass

The Macro Greens Super food prides itself to be all MacroLife Natural. This means that their products are shipped genuinely with an authentic seal from MarcoLife Natural Inc. It is sorted with their own product batch ID# so the next time you buy their product from the market, check out these signs.

One of the attributes of this product is that, as a food supplement, it contains good bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria that are really good for your health and are mostly contained in products that help the digestive system. Probiotics are also naturally found in your body. In the case of Macro Greens Super food, it is about 18 billion probiotics with 38 nutrient rich super food plant. A serving of this is approximately equivalent to 5 or more regular serving of your fruits and vegetables.

An additional pro health composition of the Macro Green Super food is its concentrated polyphenols that prevent degenerative diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. This food supplement also selected the greens with the richest alkaline.

It is sugar free and used a little bit of stevia for a sweetener and it is easy to dissolve in water and the plastic jar container includes a tiny spoon. The product does not produce any bad odor or taste.


  • It comes with an authentic seal which ensures that the product is made from a trusted brand.
  • It contains certified organic baby barley grass but does not give out a grassy taste.
  • This product is sugar free that will keep your sugar levels in control, despite the fact that it contains stevia.
  • It can be mixed with water or other fruit juices, making a smoothie and fruit shake.
  • The green juice powder is infused with concentrated polyphenols which play an important role in staying healthy, as antioxidants aid your body by protecting the cells from free radical giving a glowing and smooth skin.
  • A certified organic product ensures no additives or any artificial ingredients.


  • A tablespoon of this mix with any beverage that suits you ensures that you are getting a regular five or more fruits and vegetables serving.
  • It contains probiotics that help your digestive system. In addition to that, the vitamins and minerals found in this product are scientifically tested to be adaptogenic and metabolic herbal blend that gradually help the brain, liver, kidney, endocrine and thyroid.
  • Effective in boosting your energy and keeping you up late to finish tasks.
  • Since the product aids in maintaining a good digestion, it results in eliminating excess weight, water weight and other unnecessary toxins in the body.
  • The product is Non-Dairy. It is safe for lactose intolerant people.


  • If you are in it for the energy boost but are not used to tasting greens or grass in particular, then be ready for the unusual taste.
  • It contains Stevia, an artificial sweetening additive that could cause bodily irritations such as bloating, vomiting or nausea and stomach gas.
  • Always read signs, product labels and descriptions before acquiring any product from the internet or the store to make sure that all the ingredients, actual product packaging and materials do not contain different ingredients.
  • May develop skin itchiness or allergies.
  • Contains caffeine that may cause anxiety if consumed excessively.


The product is plant-derived and Macro Greens is scientifically created from phytonutrient added with herbal formula and scientifically proven to use the most effective and interactive grass which is the barley grass.

This grass contained in the dietary supplement is organically and officially certified with different minerals, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes that you would typically get from eating the everyday food you consume. These ingredients, together with an herbal blend, support the different systems in your body, cleansing it to help stay healthy and keep away from sickness. You will feel energetic and active all day long.

It would be a great and important reminder, if you have any contraindications from your allergy, to read the ingredients to determine whether you can take this product.

Possible Alternatives

If you are not happy with the thought of taking in dietary supplements to be your medication, you can opt to by a regular juicer from the store which is also a very budget friendly product. All you need to do is to substitute this supplement with fruits that can get your desired vitamins and minerals like citric fruits for vitamin C, squash, carrots for vitamin A, and bananas for potassium that goes very well with exercising or circuit training.

In this method, you control what goes into your beverage without the additional ingredients that you would get from supplements. You can also choose other dietary supplements that suit your preference, but make sure to read the product labels or seek help from a health care practitioner to avoid problems.


The building blocks of a healthy body are all from the benefits of the vitamins, minerals, acids and good bacteria that we intake from the food that we eat, plus proper exercise and a good environment. To enhance those blocks, the Macro Greens Super food is a supplement to help you with detoxification, always staying active and keeping your body away from unhealthy foods.

This product is also safe for people dealing with food allergies, especially taking in supplements like these. It does not require to be taken every day, but as you take it regularly, it improves the response of your body, and as a result, you’ll be able to take it less frequently while maintaining that energy you need.

It also goes well with the beverage of your choice and is very easy to prepare. You only need to simply mix the food powder and you are good to go.

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