Super Green Powder Benefits

super green powder benefits

The health experts tell us to eat more greens because then you will be less likely to develop a chronic disease, such as cancer. This is easier said than done, most of us don’t eat enough of our dark-green vegetables because quick microwave meals and take-away dinners are a lot quicker and easier for our busy lifestyle.

Perhaps it isn’t even our lifestyle that gets in the way, maybe you just do not like your spinach and broccoli and you tend to avoid eating it. This inhibits us from being able to take advantage of the detoxification properties that green vegetables offer us, they also help our bodies to maintain our acid-base balance and they reduce inflammation.

All is not lost: this is where super green powder supplements can really be beneficial to you. One green drink can save you food preparation, time and the worry of how many vegetables you have consumed in one day and if that met your daily nutritional requirements.  Consuming super green powder supplements are a convenient and reliable way to help you get your daily greens intake. There are more benefits though!

Some benefits are critical to our health and can really make an improvement to our overall body functions, some make our lives easier.


You are getting a whole mix of different vegetables in one super green powder, more than you would normally have on any given day. You are not just getting your greens, but you are getting the kind that is excellent for you, the kind you would not normally get.

We are talking about spirulina, cereal grasses, and chlorella. The super greens included in these powders are rich in two pigments called chlorophyll and carotenoids, the concentrated potencies included in these powders exceed even that of carrots and beetroot, and they themselves have a long list of benefits.


Many of the ingredients that are found in super green powders are nutrient rich antioxidants, such as green tea extract, spinach powder, spirulina, and wheat grass to name a few. It is the pigment chlorophyll that provides the antioxidant powers. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that get in the way of normal cell functioning and growth.

Reduces Appetite:

If you are trying to lose weight or simply keep control of your weight then you will be happy to know that super green powders help curb and reduce your appetite.

Boosts Your Immunity:

Most of the ingredients in green superfood powders have immune boosting properties. They help boost your body’s immune system so you can be guarded against colds and flu. According to a number of studies, chlorophyll may help protect you from cancer.

Beta-carotene has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and improved lung health. Your body will get a great boost in its overall health just by consuming these super green powders.

Detoxification and Clean Blood:

Chlorophyll aids in alkalizing and cleaning your blood. If you have “clean blood” then it means that you have lots of red blood cells carrying oxygen and metabolic waste out, exactly what is needed to detox your body.


If your body becomes too acidic then it is easier for inflammatory diseases to occur. Many of the foods we eat are highly acidic and so we need to counteract this acidity by eating alkaline foods (like our leafy greens). Green superfood powders are alkaline and will restore the PH balance of your body.

Energy Boost:

You can forget about sugar and caffeine to help give you an energy boost, green superfood powder can give you the same energy naturally.

Skin Health:

Collagen is critical for the health of your connective tissue; chlorophyll seems to be able to boost collagen production. This results in improved skin health and elasticity.

This is just a brief overview of some of the benefits that you can get from super green powders. If your lifestyle is too busy and inhibits your nutrition intake then these powder supplements can offer you a concentrated form of nutrients.

They may not taste so great, but mix them with some yoghurt, fruit juice or in your smoothie and the taste may not be too bad, after all the benefits will definitely outweigh one scoop full of a bad tasting powder; some powders even have natural flavoring to help improve their taste. Include this in your daily morning routine and start enjoying all of the benefits.

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