Superfood Brands

Superfood brands

When a person decides to enroll in a superfood program, one is supposed to consider various things before choosing the type of superfood to consume. Superfoods help in adding healthy nutrients in the body.

When taking superfoods, it’s wise to first understand the main reason why you need these supplements in your body. For example, there are superfoods intended for detoxification, aiding digestion, boosting immunity and others boosting energy. Ingredients used during production of the superfood are also important to be considered because some bodies may react negatively towards them.

There are so many methods of consuming superfoods. One can decide to add them in their daily recipes such as eggs, sausages, smoothies, juices, yogurts and other meals during lunch or dinner.

Due to a rise in demand of these superfoods, most companies are coming up with high quality superfoods which keep the job done while others are manufacturing offshore superfoods that cause health problems to consumers. To know more about the best superfoods to consume, this article will review some of the genuine and highly credited superfood brands in the market today.


Whole World Botanicals is a company that was co-founded by Viana Muller and it’s known for producing the best superfoods in the market such as Maca which is usually sold in the cooked or gelatinized form.

It contains most benefits when consumed in a cooked form. Maca has an incredible ability to regulate hormones – something which has enabled it to gain popularity in the market. It has helped people with thyroid problems, adrenal problems and monthly hormone changes to ladies.


Hemp Seeds

Manitoba Harvest Company is the one that provides the best hemp seeds. They play an essential role in the whole process of production, starting from seed planting, growth and product distribution.

They provide harvest date and sell by date on their packages and this guarantees the customer that their hemp seeds are of the best quality. They sell both organic and natural hemp seeds. Hemp seeds contain proteins, omega 3 fatty acids and have the anti-inflammatory gamma linoleic acid.


Chia Seeds

Nutiva Company was started in 1999 and it is known for successfully producing the best high quality organic superfoods, one of them being Chia seeds. They usually sell white (my favorite! Check out this recipe for Coffee and Chocolate Chip Chia Pudding) and black Chia seeds. The seeds have no difference in nutrition, although the white ones are best for baking and those oh-so-trendy chia puddings. Chia seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and iron.


Acai Powder

Sambazon Company is the first one to provide acai berries outside of Brazil and they are famous for their high quality acai. The company was co-founded by Ryan Black who supports the company’s efforts to provide acai that is constantly sourced by working together with Brazilian farmers who harvest the berries to offer fair trade standards.

What makes their acai unique and the best is the fact that the manufacturer removes the seeds from the berries due to their lack of nutritional value. The acai berries have a high purple pigment called anthocyanin, which is good for health.


Camu Powder

Navita Naturals is a company that sells the best organic Camu powder which is harvested in Peru. The powder is sour and is made from frozen, dried Camu berries. Navita Naturals do not add any ingredients to their Camu powder, so it’s pure and more affordable. Camu powder is rich in vitamin C.



Nutrex Hawaii is a company that has been dominating in the superfood market for quite a long time now. The company is responsible for producing high quality spirulina which is another green superfood.

Spirulina is a green algae that is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and proteins. This organic superfood is usually cultivated in a bio secured zone along the Kona coast in Hawaii. They use deep ocean water for cultivation because it is pure.

The use of pure water helps them gain popularity in the market because consumers prefer spirulina from pure water than contaminated water. The company also has a unique process of drying the spirulina to preserve its nutrients and ensure that the product has all the intended health benefits to the consumers. It is mostly added to smoothies to boost nutrition.



Sunfood Superfoods is the company behind the production of the best organic cacao. The organic cacao is produced from cacao beans. It is mandatory for the company to test their products to ensure the end product is safe for consumption. Cacao is the tastiest superfood and is rich in iron, zinc and copper.


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