Green Vibrance Vs Green Superfood

Green vibrance vs green superfood

Green superfoods are natural and organic supplements that come in form of powders or drinks. They contain a number of useful ingredients which are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, bioflavonoids and other vital micronutrients that boost the body’s immune system, help reduce stress and fight various diseases such as cancer and blood pressure.

According to most customers, the biggest seller for Green Vibrance is usually the manufacturer’s transparency. This award-winning superfood comes with an honest document that explicitly breaks down all the ingredients used in the formula and how they benefit the body. There are over 32 raw foods and 60 ingredients used in the formula.

On the other hand, green superfood is a popular supplement found in most stores and online shopping sites. The formula is designed with a number of helpful ingredients which work together to boost the body’s immune system as well as restore lost body energy.

Among the various nutritional buffets found in Green Superfood are vitamins, antioxidants, fibers, probiotics and digestive enzymes. To ensure that green superfoods perform their tasks as intended, the manufacturer has added a blend of beneficial ingredients to the formula such as chlorella, alfalfa, wheat grass, spinach and broccoli.

Benefits of Green Vibrance

Before we get to the benefits, let me say that Green Vibrance has topped in the superfood arena due to the addition of various nutrients into their formula. The manufacturer has managed to include a powerful nutrient density into their formula which is made up of micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macro-nutrients (vitamins and polyphenols).

According to research, our Paleolithic ancestors consumed 100% organic diets which were rich in micro-nutrients, fats and carbohydrates. Today, the nutrient density in the food we consume has really dropped over the past 50 years.

Having recognized this fact, Green Vibrance has managed to incorporate these absent micro and macro-nutrients into their formula to give everyone a chance to restore and maintain a balanced diet. Among the many health benefits of Green Vibrance are:

Cell repair

Green Vibrance is a great source of nutrients and co-nutrients such as kales, spinach, chlorella, beet juice, brocolli and carrot which help the body to repair worn out tissues and cells much faster.

Supports elimination process

The green chlorophyll found in Green Vibrance support the action of probiotics. Soluble fibers from apples, sunflower and acacia help to eliminate heavy metals and toxins from the intestinal tract before they’re absorbed by the body.

Liver support

Green Vibrance has also been packed with liver support ingredients which aid in detoxification. Following a daily consumption of toxic diets, the liver is overworked when trying to eliminate all these toxins. Due to this reason, Green Vibrance has included liver support ingredients which aid in the detoxification process.

Bone health

Green Vibrance is also mixed with various ingredients which support skeletal health. Ingredients such as bioavailable boron, Cissus quadrangularis and plant calcium contain a special vitamin that is responsible for bone building and supporting proper bone health.

Benefits of Green Superfood

Green Superfood also comes with a number of exclusive benefits to the human health. The best thing about Green Superfood is that it’s easily consumable.

Most people on the go have praised the easy consumption of this superfood, stating that you only need to scoop one tablespoon of the powder and mix it with water, well blended smoothie, milk, juice or yogurt. Some of the benefits of Green Superfood to the human body include:

Boosting metabolism and brain power

Green Superfood contains essential ingredients such as wheat grass, spirulina, carbs, proteins and veggies which metabolize your meals to boost body metabolism and brain power.

Cleaning blood

Green Superfood contains a high concentration of green ingredients which provide the body with enough chlorophyll to alkalize and eliminate toxins. This results to clean blood, which is mostly rich in red blood cells that carry blood around the body.

Rich in antioxidants

Most of the ingredients found in Green Superfood such as spinach, broccoli, wheat grass, spirulina and barley grass are all antioxidants. The green pigment (chlorophyll) found in these ingredients is the main source of their antioxidant properties.

Therefore, with a high concentration of these antioxidant properties, Green Superfood aid in the neutralization of free radicals that are responsible for cancer, heart diseases and early ageing.


As I conclude, let me say that there are many other health benefits of these two green supplements. Most customers who have consumed either of the two supplements have really praised their performance, stating that they keep the job done fast and effectively. However, I will leave the decision to the customer because as they say, the customer is the judge and their decision is always right.

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